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Save Fleet Costs With Telematics

Reduce costs and streamline your business with Telematics

Any business that owns a fleet of vehicles will save money and increase profitability and efficiency by implementing vehicle Telematics technology to track fuel consumption and time spent on daily tasks. This data is downloaded in real time, allowing you to analyse and make informed decisions on how to improve your workflow and manage running costs.
The core sectors that Hamatics provide this service to include Agriculture, Rail, Construction, Marine, Materials Handling, Forestry and similar associated fields.

Hamatics provides Telematics for off Highway Machines, Modules With CANBUS, Telematics Modules with Ethernet, Blue Tooth, Serial, WLAN, GPS & Glonass, embedded accelerometers and data logging capacity.

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What is Telematics?

Telematics can be described as an organisational unit that crosses traditional boundaries between academic disciplines to demonstrate new needs encompassing telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering involving sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications exchanging information with Multimedia, Internet and Apps.

The application of telematics is described in many ways including:

  • The technology of sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices whilst maintaining real time control on remote fleet vehicles.
  • The integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, for application and control of vehicles on or off road.
  • Telematics also utilises GPS technology integrated with computers and apps in automotive navigation systems.

How does Hamatics deliver your data?

IOT Implementation with the use of Apps, means we build databases from scratch and get your devices online. We integrate powerful data filtering tools to provide you with the information you need to take your business forward.

Internet Of Things

Hamatics can give your device the chance to be part of the Internet Of Things.
We are control system engineers and whether the device is a train or a plane, a coffee machine or a submarine, a light switch or a tree: If you have something to remotely control, measure or monitor on this device then talk to us.
Hamatics firmly believe the Internet of Things will be the ultimate driver of global adoption of IPv6 in the future.

How do we do it?

We interface with your sensors, your plc or your embedded controller and get your device on line.
You control and monitor interface for your mobile Device, wherever you are in the world, accessable anytime you are connected to the internet.

Big Data Analysis and Database technology

We are database experts and take data from your device and organise it, tell you where it is, what it is doing and can even control the revenue stream.

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Produced by experts in telematics and the off-highway business environment, Hamatics’ products are designed to deliver fast, smart, tailored packages that keep you informed and put you in control.

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